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Services / Cargo Packaging / Container Stuffing

Our skilled team with years of experience in packaging and transportation sector will make sure that your precious cargo is properly protected, packed and loaded into container.

Together with you, we will determine the most suitable protection for your precious cargo/load. We can use wooden crates and bases, vacuum CLIMA - foil or Shrink Wrap foil/film. Sometimes just one method of packaging is not enough, so we combine different methods to completely secure your cargo/load (see example).

Example: transport of high-tech CNC machine. Due to the electrical components and other sensitive parts such cargo must be protected against the intrusion of water, moisture and other external contaminants, which may result in damaging and reducing value of the cargo. To prevent that we use combination of vacuum CLIMA - foil and neat wooden crate and base. Cargo protected like this is ready for transport to your customer.

We can also arrange transportation of a container. Our experts optimally fill a container and secure it with wooden and/or steel support frames. Next phase is the transport of a container to the customer, there we can perform unloading and installation of cargo if desire.

All of that can be done at your place (at your storage or production facilities) with our On-Site Packaging Service or, if more convenient, at our place.

  • We use Con Fit to make most out off each Container,
  • Adjustable size and shape of a wooden boxes,
  • We use heat treated wood (IPPC standards),
  • We offer you professional support during the packaging project,
  • We can transport packed cargo to final destination with help of our strategic partners and save you TIME and MONEY.