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About Us / FAQ

Can Comark d.o.o. arrange transport of 150 ton heavy presses from Slovenia to Singapore?

For such a heavy load is necessary to organize Special transport. We take care for all necessary documentation (permits for countries cargo will be transport through), customized transport vehicles, escort vehicles, packaging and transport organization (loading and unloading), port papers, airfreight papers, ... As our client you get "turnkey" solution.

Our company is planning to move production to new location. Is it possible to transport our industrial machinery (CNC lathes, presses, ...) to desire location?

Off course is possible. The very first step we take is a visit of your production at current location, so we can carried out all required measurements of all machinery that has to be transported.

With gain data we can prepare detailed drawings of all necessary transport packaging (wooden crates, bases, vacuum CLIMA - foil, Shrink Wrap film, ...), permits (in case that machinery meets the exceptional cargo requirements), transport vehicles, dis-assembly at the current location and installation at new one with help of mobile cranes and other mobile lifting equipments.

Buyer of our product is located in the United States of America (USA). We have to pack cargo for oversea transport with vacuum CLIMA - foil. Can you provide this service at our production location?

With our On-Site Packaging Service we can pack your cargo at your location. For optimal packaging our team will visit you and take all required measurements of cargo (any computer drawing will help us even more). After that we can offer you a "turnkey" solution for transport packaging in the way your cargo will meet all protection and customs requirements.

We bought an industrial machine that exceeds legally determine dimensions and mass, therefore it has to be treated as special cargo (OOG - Out Of Gauge). Can you organize safe transport to our production facilities?

When cargo exceeds legally determine dimension (length, width or high) and mass, organization of special transport is necessary. Proper packaging is the basis for safe special transport (if this is not done by manufacturer, we can provide packaging service).

We take care for customized transport vehicles (semi-low trailer, trailer with sink, ...), permits and allowances, escort vehicles, road survey and static assessment of bridges on the selected route.

I've bought the sail boat (length: 20 meters) that has to be transported to the marina Isola. I would like to protect it and safely transported to marina.

For the transport of sail boats we use special/custom trailer. We advice you to use Shrink Wrap foil. Shrink Wrap will "hug" your sail boat really snug after heat treatment. After that sail boat is ready for transport. For additional information about foil click Shrink Wrap foil.

We are planning to purchase and transport 27 meters long tank. Can your company prepare a detailed Road Survey?

Road Survey or Elaborate Traffic Regulations is our specialty. With the help of modern measurement technology, on-line maps, digital photos and design programs we prepare a detailed plan on the most appropriate transport route for your cargo.

In the Road Survey we cover all details that could interfere with safe execution of exceptional transport.