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Services / Cargo Packaging / Seaworthy Packaging

Versatile aluminium vacuum CLIMA - foil/film completely protect your product/load/cargo from external factors (dirt, moist, rain, sun, snow, salt water, water, vibrations, life organisms, ...).

CLIMA - foil/film is very thin and flexible, nevertheless, extremely durable against impact, vibration and stacking pressure. It is waterproof/water tight, oil-repellent, insect-resistant and does not disintegrate. Provides insulation of product/load/cargo and prevents corrosion. CLIMA foil/film consists of chemically neutral materials and is therefore suitable for steel parts, electronic equipment (CNC machines) or even high-tech pharmaceutical instruments.

Especially suitable for: sea and air transport, where there is a chance of condensation inside the containers and ships.

  • Foil can be put together in various ways, for cargoes small as 30 centimeters or big as 15 meters,
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, greaseproof, insects,
  • Seaworthy packaging,
  • Adjustable size and shape of a wooden boxes,
  • We use heat treated wood (IPPC standards),
  • We offer you professional support during the packaging project,
  • We can transport packed cargo to final destination with help of our strategic partners and save you time and money.