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Services / Cargo Packaging / Shrink Wrap Foil

Usage of SHRINK WRAP is extremely widespread. The thickness of Shirk wrap foil/film varies and determines the application of either consumer products (CD, DVD, Beverage, ...) or industrial machinery. Because of this flexibility, and exceptional protection features is popular in transportation.
Shrink wrap foil is low density extruded polyethylene material. Shrink wrap foil, with the use of heat, shrinks and conforms to whatever structure and/or item is underneath it. Shrink wrap foil changes drastically in its specific weight, becomes thicker and very tense after heat treatment.

Comark d.o.o. use PREMIUM Shrink wrap foil. This is made ​​from hundred percent (100%) virgin resin and contains maximum possible protection against UV (Ultra Violet wave). Ultra Violet Inhibitors (UVI) prevent premature decomposition of the foil/film. All that allows us safe transport or long-term storage of your products.


Often happens that the storage facilities become too small or to stuff. Suddenly we are faced with the problem of where to safely store the products so they do not interfere with the production process itself.

As we wrote the Shrink wrap foil/film has all the necessary characteristics for long term protection of the wrapped object or items. This technology allows you long-term storage/warehousing in open warehouses. Not only that you can ventilate Shrink wrap foil/film you can also add/install zip for easy access to the object/item/cargo.

  • Foil can be put together in various ways, for cargoes small as 30 centimeters or big as 15 meters,
  • Protects against UV rays,
  • application of windows, doors, zippers is also possible (for easy access to cargo),
  • Adjustable size and shape of a wooden boxes,
  • We use heat treated wood (IPPC standards),
  • We offer you professional support during the packaging project,
  • We can transport packed cargo to final destination with help of our strategic partners and save you time and money.